Foley comprises environmental sounds such as background ambience, footsteps, doors, etc. It was traditionally recorded on sound stages by Foley artists. Modern methods utilize sound libraries and sophisticated digital editing. Foley is best when it is subtle and does not draw attention itself. Conversely, sound effects are intentionally larger-than-life and meant to be noticed.

Foley Services

Precursor offers cutting-edge Foley for films of all types. We use a combination of traditional techniques, digital libraries and powerful editing tools to create the perfect environmental audio for your movie.

Sound Effects and Sound Design

Precursor creates sound effects for on-screen actions that are designed to create an impact. Get the reactions your scenes demand with effects that leap from the speakers to impress your viewers.

The Precursor Difference

Our attention to detail and rapid turn-around ensures that production standards and deadlines are always met.


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