The main floor our facility includes: 2 fully equipped, acoustically treated control rooms, a large modular studio and a lounge. Each control room contains an audio production workstation and state of the art monitoring system.

The modular studio functions as a large tracking room for live recording. It is also used as a screening room for audio post production.

The second floor of our studio is a dedicated mastering suite. This suite houses a large listening couch, mastering controller and our vintage Studer A80 analog reel-to-reel recorder.

We work on both Mac and PC and support all major software platforms: ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Record, Ableton Live, Reaper. We utilize a large variety of high resolution digital plug-ins and analog equipment to deliver an exception end-product.

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Precursor Productions Precursor Productions Precursor Productions
Precursor Productions Precursor Productions Precursor Productions




Our professional recording studio and audio post production facility is fully equipped for production, recording, mixing and mastering, Voiceover, ADR/FOLEY and...

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Precursor Productions is a cutting edge, 21st century Winnipeg Recording Studio and Audio Post Production facility guided by a strong philosophy...


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